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We do accept the registration application and all documents needed (see below) by email or regular mail.
If you choose by email they must be scanned in clear and straight and in PDF format.  The markings you send will be imported onto the registration certificate, so please keep that in mind.  

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The horse being registered as an Iberian Warmblood must  prove a minimum of 25% Andalusian and/or Lusitano bloodlines from one or both parents.
1) The Andalusian bloodlines must be registered, and a copy of the registration certificate showing hertitage and registration numbers must be provided.
a) We do not accept a handwritten or as an official pedigree. Only a copy of the registration certificate or a pedigree directly from the registry. Owner of the sire and dam must be on the registration certificate.
b) All parties listed as owner(s) on the registration certificate of either parents must sign the application.

2) If the registry has any heritiage questions or concerns, DNA parent verification to the Andalusian parent(s) maybe required.

3)The percentage of Iberian bloodlines will be indicated on the registration certificate.

 The other percentage of the horse can be of any breed registered or unregistered. If registered, a copy of the registration certifate for proof must accompany the application in order to be placed on the certificate.

Horses Name: The total spaces allowed is 20. No comas, dashes will be included. If the horse is registered with another registry, that is the name that will be used.  

Horse Name Change: You can do so as long as 1) The breeder of the horse gives  written permission.  2) The horse has no offspring with the IWRI or any other registry  2) earned a special achievement award; earned any money or award with the IWRI. See Horse Name Change Fee below.

Transfer of Ownership:  The transfer form is on the back of the registration certificate.  It must be filled out and signed, dated by both parties. The registration certificate must be mailed back to office, and a new one will be issued in the new owners name. Transfer fees must be paid at that time. See transfer fees below.

Business Ownership: If the ownership of a horse is a business or a trust, the Authorized Signature form is to be completely filled and all signature are required. Including a copy of the business or trust business papers are to be  submitted with the application or transfer.

Duplicate Certificate: The owner listed on the registration certificate can request a one time replacement certificate, if it is lost or stolen. Duplicate Certificate will be stamped on the replacement certificate. If the original is found, the replacement certificate must be returned to the registry. See fee for replacement certificate below.

Complete Duplicate Certificate Form  for your request.

If a certificate was lost in the mail a new transfer report will need to be fille out.


We can only accpet credit card payments here online (not over the phone or thought email).
We accept checks drawn from a U.S. bank or International Money Order
If you live outside the USA, Foreign fees will apply.


Domestic Registration: $50  (regardless of age of horse)
 Foreign Registration: $60
 (regardless of age of horse)
 Domestic Transfer: $40
 (regardless of date of transaction)
Foreign Transfer: $50
(regardless of date of transaction)
Domestic mail only:
Quest Tracking on
 mailed certifiate
Foreign Fee: $10
   DNA Hair Kit: $55  

HYPP Test: $60.00 per test
Horse Name Change, color correction, sex update or Replacement / lost Certificate: $40

NSF/Canceled or
 returned check charge
Reinstatement Inactive File.
After one year no responce
Coat Color Test Form
Coat Color Genetic Test: $30.00 per test


I. Completed and signed Application. If signatures from orignal breeders are not available, application must be accompanied with a copy of registration certificate with another Registry showing parentage and legal owner.

        II. Copies of the following registries may be used:
        (A) Registration of the Andalusian parent (s)
        (including IALHA, AAHA, ABPSL, APSL, JCC, AMCCPSL, British Lusitano Horse Society)
        (B) Azteca registration papers
        (C) Hispano-Arabe registration papers
        (D) Spanish-Norman registration papers

        III. Photos showing any unusual identifying markings

To decrease the chances of producing genetically defective horses, certain breeds or lines will be required to obtain DNA testing to rule out specific genetic defects to clear them of being carriers of genetic defects before their offspring will become eligible for registration. Geldings and offspring from parents testing N/N are exempt from this testing. The breeds and lines included are:

         'Impressive' Descendents:  DNA tested for Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis Disease (HYPP).   Offspring of a HYPP positive parent will not be eligible for registration.  Offpring of untested parents that have the bloodlines of 'Impressive' in their pedigree will not be registered.   DNA test is accomplished with hair samples, test fee is $50 through UC Davis. Email for form and/or further information.

         Arabians:  DNA tested for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) - only if both parents have Arabian blood.   Offspring of positive carriers of this mutant gene will not be eligible for registration.   Offpring of untested Arabian parents will not be registered until proven not to be a carrier of SCID.  DNA test is done by cheek swab, cost is $140.00 through VetGen.   Email for form and/or further information.

         Paints/Pintos:  Iberian WB stallions at stud that are overo Paint/Pinto should DNA test negative for Lethal White Syndrome before breeding to overo mares.   DNA test is accomplished with hair samples, test fee is $55 through UC Davis. Email for form or further information.

We do not start any of the registration stud book entry until the registry has received all the necessary documents and all fees are paid, after that please allow 6-8 weeks for completion.  

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